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Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring A Probate Lawyer

Hiring an attorney after a loved one dies can be stressful and emotional time. At the Freedman Law Firm we have served clients in San Francisco and greater California for over 30 years. We understand you have many questions during this time and have prepared this list of answers to questions our firm is frequently asked.

What important information should clients have thought through before contacting a lawyer?

A prospective client should be prepared before discussing the case with an attorney. If your matter involves documentation, for example a deed, have the document in front of you when you call the attorney. Remember, your communication with the attorney is strictly confidential. You should be prepared to provide all relevant facts to the attorney, regardless of whether you think such a fact is helpful or harmful to your case.

What questions should a client ask before retaining the right lawyer?

Prospective clients should ask whether the attorney has experience in handling matters closely related to the client’s case. Clients should clarify with the attorney how long the legal process may take, what fees and costs are involved, and how such fees and costs are to be paid to the attorney. In probate matters, fees and costs are often covered by the estate or trust, whether the client is the fiduciary or the beneficiary.

If you were a client, what do you wish you knew about the legal profession? What are the inside secrets?

Clients should know if the attorney specializes in probate law, has experience with your particular issue and provides a cost-effective solution. Find an attorney who will give you at least a one-hour free consultation. Before contacting an experienced lawyer in any field, be prepared to answer the hard questions, and always be truthful and forthright. Remember, attorneys are faithful to the attorney-client privilege and will not disclose your conversation.

What advice do you have for a client looking to hire a probate lawyer?

Trust and probate matters may be complicated and are often intertwined with emotions that may be a result of grief over loss of a loved one, lack of communication with a family member or loss of trust in a fiduciary. You need to talk to an experienced lawyer who can guide you through the process and who understands how you feel.

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