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I recently presented “California Probate and Trust Administration” for National Business Institute, which you can now watch OnDemand! Use promo code FPDN50 at checkout to get $50 off your purchase. Check it out at:!

On January 27, 2022, Michael will be a presenter at the seminar, “California Probate and Trust Administration” NBI. Michael will present a one-hour course on probate administration covering topics:

A. Documents Needed to Close the Estate
B. Proper Transfer and Timing of Distributions – Probate and Non-Probate Assets
C. Distributions in Kind
D. Distribution to Minors, Surviving Spouse and Trusts
E. Disposition of Unclaimed Assets
F. Fees for Personal Representatives and Attorneys
G. Annual Accounting Requirements and Format

California Probate and Trust Administration | Live Online Seminar | 91531ER | NBI (

Probate Boot Camp

On December 6, 2019, Michael will be a presenter at the 2-day seminar, “Probate Boot Camp” presented by NBI. Michael will present a one-hour course on probate litigation covering topics on:

Claims Of Estate Against Third Parties;

Claims Of Third Parties Against The Estate;

Probate Code Section 850;

Lost And Contested Wills;

Financial Elder Abuse;

Fiduciary Misconduct, Liability And Removal.

The NBI seminar is a guide to the probate process in California and is designed for attorneys, accountants, CPAs, enrolled agents, certified financial planners, trust officers and administrators. The course gives 12 hours of CLE credits to lawyers, as well as credits to financial planners, and CPAs. The entire seminar will cover courses in administration of the probate estate, duties of the personal representative, marshaling and valuing assets, handling creditor’s claims, spouse’s elective share, ethics, post-mortem planning, trust administration and tax, impact of bankruptcy, probate litigation, closing the probate estate.


Freedman Law Firm Wins Appeal For His Client In The California Court Of Appeals 3rd Appellate District

In an unpublished decision, the Freedman Law Firm won an appeal for his client, the trustee, in the matter Bergland v. Isch, C077965. In this trust matter, Freedman Law Firm represents the successor trustee, Harry Bergland, of a trust, which distributed the trust assets in equal shares to three children of the settlors. One of the children, Rudolf V. Isch, was named the trustee but was removed due to self-dealing and failing to account. Rudolf V. Isch, the removed trustee ultimately settled the claims against him but failed to pay the full amount of the settlement. The settlement called for a stipulated judgment, which was entered by the court, and our client Harry Bergland, the successor trustee, commenced enforcement proceedings to collect the judgment. Isch brought a motion to set aside the judgment and to otherwise seek claims such as set-off against the judgment. Our client prevailed against Isch in the Sacramento Superior Court, but Isch filed an appeal. The 3rd District Court of Appeals affirmed the Sacramento County Superior Court decision.


Second Wife Wins Trust Battle With Daughter From Husband’s First Marriage. Sonoma County


When her father dies, survived by his second wife, daughter from first marriage sues for children’s rights in family trust. Read more here.

$280,000 Verdict Against Trustee Who Mishandled Trust Funds. Tehama County


When a professional trustee of family trust uses funds to invest in his own investment company, family cries foul! Read more here.