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We simplify. You benefit. At the Freedman Law Firm, we have the experience and skill necessary to take the complexity out of estates and trusts administration. Our extensive litigation experience allows us an informed view of potential difficulties that our clients may face. We give our clients the confidence that their estate and trust issues are in experienced hands. Our goal is to provide prompt, efficient, effective solutions to the problems that our clients face concerning the disposition and distribution of their estate or trust assets in probate. If you need advice about an estate or trusts administration issue, contact one of our attorneys.

Addressing Problems In A Rapidly Developing Field

The popularity of trusts as a means of distributing assets has spawned its own set of administration issues. Is the trust or certain terms of the trust valid? Can a trust or its terms be reformed? Will a petition filed by a beneficiary trigger a no-contest clause? Can a trustee be removed? Is the trustee properly administering the trust? These and similar questions confront our clients. Unlike the administration of an estate, which requires probate, trusts are administered by trustees and not necessarily via court actions. Nevertheless, the courts are increasingly involved in complex trust issues. Our extensive experience in estates and trusts litigation serves us well in such matters. We provide timely, effective, lasting solutions to trust administration problems. If you’re facing an issue about the administration of your trust, we’re here to help.

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