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Are Financial Decisions Becoming Increasingly Difficult For Your Aging Loved One?

As loved ones age, dementia or other conditions may make financial decision-making difficult. They may become vulnerable to less than trust-worthy people. You may find it necessary to establish a conservatorship to protect your elder family member’s financial interests. At the Freedman Law Firm in San Francisco, we can help you protect the well-being of your aging family member.

For more than two decades, our estate planning and elder law attorneys have worked with clients throughout California to put conservatorships in place, safeguarding the vulnerable. Let us help inform you of your options and help you to put the proper documents in place. Contact us to arrange a free initial consultation.

Conservatorship Grants Financial Authority

Both guardianship and conservatorship are terms that refer to the need to appoint a trusted person to look after the affairs of a minor or someone who is incapacitated. However, guardianships and conservatorships are not the same. Guardians are appointed by the court for minors and in some cases incompetent people for a specific purpose, such as a litigated matter, minor’s compromise of claim, or to serve as the guardian of a minor’s blocked bank account. A conservator is appointed by the court to make personal decisions for an incompetent person, and to protect and manage property.

There are two ways the legal system can grant you the power to make financial decisions on behalf of an elder. Powers of attorney can be put in place while your loved one is still of sound mind. If your loved one has become incompetent, you may choose to establish a conservatorship through the probate court.

How Can The Freedman Law Firm Assist You?

The lawyers at the Freedman Law Firm are committed to helping you support your loved one as they age through the establishment of a conservatorship. However, when a petition for conservatorship is deemed inappropriate or a conservator breaches his or her duties, we stand behind our client’s best interests. Beyond petitions for conservatorship, we are prepared to assist with:

  • Defense of conservatorship proceedings
  • Actions for suspension and removal of conservators
  • Commencing and defending claims of financial elder abuse
  • Petitions for substituted judgment
  • Petitions for an accounting or periodic report

Whether you are looking to protect a loved one’s finances or wish to contest conservatorship proceedings, we will put our years of experience to work for you. Contact our law firm through this website or call our office at 415-777-1666.