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Endorsements From Attorneys

“I endorse this lawyer’s work. Michael provides both strong advocacy and a thoughtful approach to the needs of his clients. Probate work requires an experienced hand and a detailed knowledge of the law. Michael possesses both of these qualities. I would highly recommend him to any client seeking help with a probate matter.” Jeffrey D. Janoff, Esq.

Endorsements From Clients

Client, January 9, 2012
“Michael is quite responsive as an attorney and is a fervent advocate which are necessary attributes for an attorney. I believe he has close to 30 years of legal experience and willingly gives fee reductions. He is a sensitive person which I believe is an asset as an attorney, in any profession or generally in life. He seems to care beyond simply obtaining attorney fees. I have been his client for over one year.”

Client, June 19, 2008
“Mr. Michael Freedman handled my estate dispute with the utmost dedication, sensitivity, patience, knowledge and honesty. He was my moral support and a friend when I was experiencing the most painful time of my life. Mr. Freedman even offered me a discount with the price and kept his promise. I cannot even find the right words to express my gratitude with his kind friendship; therefore, I will borrow from Dr. Wayne Dyer: ‘Your friends are God’s way of apologizing for your relatives.'”

Client, March 11, 2009
“Michael handled an extremely difficult case with our family’s trust and did an incredible job in protecting our assets. I highly recommend him for any case he will take on; you will truly be blessed not only with his expertise but his presence as well.”

Prospective Client December 2, 2009
“Michael was very polite, patient and professional…even empathetic. He explained the law carefully to me, and we discussed options. Despite the fact that this legal situation did not work in my favor, I felt better about it through Michael’s careful explanation and compassionate attention.”

Client, February 2, 2010
“Again, good job Michael! The [family] and [decedent’s] friends are ecstatic (see below). … Please send me a copy of the judge’s order. I want to frame it!”

Prospective Client, March 2010

“Very knowledgeable and spent much time discussing my situation.”

Client, September 17, 2010
“I hired Michael to help resolve a very contentious trust administration. Despite encountering roadblocks and out-and-out hostility, Michael was able to sort through the issues and maintain focus on resolution in a professional and expert manner.

Michael’s depth of understanding and remarkable personableness made an unpleasant situation easier to bear. And the final resolution was fair and satisfactory. In fact thanks to Michael’s work, it was better than anticipated.”