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Do I Really Need An Estate Plan?

Achieving the goal of a secure, well-provided-for future is not a simple matter. The services of skilled and knowledgeable lawyers with extensive estate planning experience can help. The estate planning lawyers at the Freedman Law Firm in San Francisco help clients in California with their estate planning needs. We pride ourselves on the high-quality legal service we provide. We assist individuals, families, and domestic partners in planning for the proper disposition and distribution of their hard-earned assets. Contact us if you need help planning your estate.

Secure Your Assets, Protect Your Future: Plan Your Estate

The money and property you’ve accumulated through a lifetime of hard work should be rationally and efficiently distributed. Your loved ones will reap the benefits of a good estate plan. We advise our clients with regard to wills, trusts, powers of attorney and all other documents necessary for proper planning. When properly prepared, your estate plan can achieve the following:

  • Provide for your immediate family
  • Provide for other relatives who need help and guidance
  • Get your property to beneficiaries quickly
  • Plan for your incapacity
  • Choose executors/trustees for your estate

Absent an estate plan, your family may have to pursue Letters of Conservatorship of an Estate or of a Person to manage your finances and your physical care should you become incapacitated or too ill to take care of yourself and your financial matters.

If you are caring for an elderly loved one without estate planning documents and find they are unable manage on their own, we can help you learn more about commencement of conservatorship proceedings.

Seasoned Litigators, Careful And Meticulous Estate Planners

Our litigation experience in trusts, estates and elder law gives our clients a distinct advantage. We have the necessary experience that gives an informed view of the potential difficulties in estate planning. When you plan your estate with us, we will help you analyze your goals, determine what legal instruments will provide for those goals and combine these with our extensive experience in identifying possible trouble spots. We can also help you deal with less common circumstances, such as special needs trusts for disabled beneficiaries. Our common aim is a well-planned, well-distributed, well-disposed-of estate. Contact us and get a head start on a secure and worry-free future. Our initial consultation is free: 415-777-1666.